Saturday, September 29, 2012

Resident Evil 5 Steam Giveaway!

I just wanted to make this little post to let everybody know that I am doing a Resident Evil 5 giveaway on one of my other blogs, a high definition wallpapers blog called Hi.Def.Walls, and you're invited to join in! Since I know all (or at least most) of you readers are gamers, this is an excellent opportunity to win a free game. Just in time for the release of Resident Evil 6 on Oct. 2, as well!

All you have to do is click here to go to the post, and then enter a comment (in the same way you would do so on this blog) with your Steam ID. Anything else is extra! No double posts of IDs, and IDs must be over two months old. The giveaway ends at 6:00 PM on September 30, so get in soon!

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