Thursday, June 16, 2011

UPDATE: Battlefield 3 Boycott

It seems EA has come to it's senses! Somewhat... In a recent blog post by Karl Magnus Troedsson, GM of DICE, it has been announced that the Physical Warfare Pack will be available to everyone for free "later in the year." My question is, how long does he mean by later in the year? And why do they need to release it later? Why can't they just release it with the game! EA you still have a lot to work on, but at least you took a step in the right direction. Now if you'd just allow people to pre-order from Steam...


  1. I guess it's a marketing plan, make people buy the game first and after the first wave of people buy it and the hype died down, they release the pack hence the newer hype and more buyers.

  2. They might do the same thing as BC2, to where it's free if you're a VIP member or something dumb like that.

  3. It sounds like it might become an Origin exclusive sort of thing.